Concept Organic chair design

Concept Organic chair design.

Collaboration between Shane Tubrid and Philip Doyle. 

Shane and Philip have been collaborating on this chair for the last 6 months.

This is our first prototype using birch.

Bending the birch wood to our will and holding it with rivets, we are creating natural type layering in chair form. The organic forms will conduct light and shadows in playful and intricate ways.

We are planning on designing and making a white oak hardwood chair version that will be steamed to make the oak bend to the directions we want.

With really organic, flowing lines, this chair is practically alive and is inspired by nature, from the trees to flowing rivers.

This chair is a piece of artwork or sculpture as considerably as a functional, comfy area to sit!What curves! created out of birch wood is a Philip + Shane creation and will be a restricted edition piece.!chair-design/cnx2



























Established in 2009 Shane Tubrid Furniture by Design is dedicated to designing and making the very finest Bespoke Furniture and Woodturning.

Always having a keen interest in art, design and making, Shane studied Furniture Design and Cabinet making in Bray Institute of Further Education before being accepted into the renowned Furniture College in Letterfrack, Co Galway, graduating in 2006, Shane immediately started working with one of Ireland’s most highly acclaimed furniture makers where he acquired a variety of skills and an appreciation of true quality in furniture design and making.

It had always being an ambition of Shane’s to establish his own business and to gain a reputation for designing and building, one off bespoke free standing fine furniture where meticulous attention to detail is observed at all times.

Shane established Shane Tubrid Furniture by Design in September of 2009 in a workshop adjacent to his family’s working farm situated on the rugged Hook peninsula in Co Wexford, Ireland

As the business has grown, the core principals of which the business was established remain unchanged, the skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every piece we make is still fundamental to everything we do. Its the small details, the selection of only the finest materials and the understanding of form and technique that goes into all our work that makes your commission a unique piece of Irish craftsmanship.

We work with mainly private individuals, Interior Designers and Architects to build a piece of furniture that will both fulfil the clients individual needs and where their influence is apparent in their commission.

Shane Tubrid Furniture by Design is based in Fethard on Sea, New Ross, Co Wexford, Ireland

Each piece of furniture is designed and made using local native timber wherever possible along with American and European hardwoods.

We work with mainly hardwood, incorporating exotic veneers to achieve decorative patterns, striving to ensure that all wood we use has originated from an ethical source. In our studio we use a vast array of techniques to manipulate materials to create curves and other complex shapes. In the finer points of construction, hand tools are always used to produce a fine finish that you can expect of a commissioned piece of furniture.


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