Six Inexpensive ways to improve your Workplace through clever design.

Six Inexpensive ways to improve your Workplace through clever design.

Times are tough we all know that, but doing more with less is simpler said than done, especially when applied to the workplace. Companies may find it easier and cheaper to leave their office environments alone, but in straitened times, inaction is a common mistake. Employee engagement and job satisfaction is at the lowest levels in decades, and many brand reputations have declined in the downturn. Affirming commitment to staff and company values isn’t a nicety, it’s a necessity when maintaining and improving productivity is at a premium. Here, D + P workplace Interior and brand designers offer six inexpensive strategies to make your workplace look, feel and function a whole lot better. So that you really can do a lot on a small budget.

1. Rearrange the Furniture
Sometimes transforming the workplace is a simple as aligning furniture with the way your people really work. Feeling hemmed in by a sea of cubicles? Disassemble your systems furniture and rearrange it to create a series of functional, friendlier spaces. A pair of workstations can be replaced by an open area with teaming tables to encourage people to meet, share ideas and brainstorm solutions. Have an empty corner gathering dust? Some tack board and comfortable chairs can turn the little-used spot into a dedicated project area or a popular corner for casual gatherings. These moves tailor your office to get work done better at small cost.

2. New Brand + Graphics
No matter how stable or resonant the branding of your workplace may be, mixing things up will give your environment a visual kick-start that keeps employees and customers engaged. Inventive uses of brand vocabulary and graphics can transform the most mundane space at little cost. Create powerful visual impact with a statement wall in your reception area. Collect candid shots of the team and bring some warmth and personality to meeting and team rooms. Show a product line’s evolution with photos in a break room. Any of these ideas will refresh your space and turn it into a potent communication of your.

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