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Doyle + Partners believe that knowledge really is power. We want to provide you with the key information that you will need that is relevant to your particular project. The better informed you are the better the chance that the decisions you make will be a success.

We supply educational tools and resources that help people get clarity, make better decisions for their Business and move forward with there project.We want to educate the market with our expert advice. All our guides have problem solving information about design, building and renovating that will answer the questions and solve problems. See below expert guides on Office, Hospitality and Retail Design and construction.

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10 mistakes to avoid when developing a Retail or Hospitality project

Before embarking on the procurement of your new commercial building, it is important to ask yourself a series of questions.

While the answers to some of these may seem obvious, they serve as a useful checklist to help you gather the information

You need prior to your first meeting with the project architect.


Reinvesting in Hotel Design

With renewed sources of capital, hotel owners, operators and brands are investing again—seizing the opportunity to keep properties fresh and to stay competitive. Cautious optimism reigns and budgets remain tight, so properties must prioritize spending to maximize ROI. These are some of the updates hotels are (or should be) spending money on.

Restored consumer confidence and business spending is bringing capital back to the hotel market sooner than many anticipated. Global and Irish hotel revenue per available room (RevPAR) is on the rise.


Office Refurbishment & Fitout Checklist

Your step by step guide to ensuring your office refurbishment goes without a hitch.

The refurbishment of your office is likely to be one of the biggest expenses in the history of your business. So it’s vital to get it right first time.
If you’ve been tasked with creating a brand new space for your company, you’re probably wondering where to start. And if that’s not enough, it’s pretty daunting knowing it’ll all take place under the watchful gaze of your company’s board of directors and all of your colleagues
But by taking it step by step, and breaking everything down into easily manageable stages, your project will run smoothly and will be an enjoyable process.

Download the full 11 page guide by clicking on the link below, it will make your life a lot easier.

Office Design Guide

14 pages full of great office design advice and information on:

– Workplace strategies that enhance performance and wellness,
– Space planning,
– Color Design,
– Thermal Comfort and Temperature,
– Noise Control,
– Branding/Graphics

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Doyle + Partners takes your privacy very seriously and will never forward your details to another party without your express permission.